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Lee Shetliffe - The Piano Player, Torbay, Devon

I am based in South West UK at the resort of Torquay in Torbay, Devon. I am currently taking bookings for weddings/civil ceremonies, restaurants, corporate functions, birthday's - basically anywhere that requires background mood music.

Please contact me to arrange a booking.

About Me

I have been playing the piano since the age of 12, taking a particular interest because both my parents are also keen pianists. I initially studied classical as I believe this is necessary to have a good basic musical knowledge, but soon discovered my passion was for improvisation after listening to my Father play, making the piano 'swing'.

Even as a schoolboy I was playing school/church concerts, hospitals, residential homes, restaurants, in fact; anywhere I could get my hands on a piano! After leaving school, I also developed my own act, and started to include the keyboard and vocals. I also play the ukulele/ukulele banjo, which I include in my act, and I am a member of the George Formby appreciation Society.

Although a keyboard synthesiser is often necessary for today's audience, I still prefer to perform on a real piano without utilising the 'gimmicks' built in today's electronic keyboards.

I would name my influences as piano giants such as Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Carmen Cavallaro, Erroll Garner and many, many more. I like to feel my playing style echoes some of these great pianists.

My Services

When performing background music, I feel it is important not to be too obtrusive, but I equally feel just because it's 'background', it doesn't have to be boring!

Getting this balance right is crucial in creating the right atmosphere for your special day. The ambiance created by a 'live' pianist just can't be replicated with 'piped' music.

I am also happy to arrange a meeting before your event to discuss any particular needs that you require, and I always prefer to check the piano beforehand. If your venue doesn't have a piano, it is usually possible to hire one, or for those working within a budget, I can supply my own portable digital piano for a small additional fee.

My Repertoire

Having played now for many years, I have learnt through personal experience which songs are popular with the listener.

The music I have included for listening on this site is just a very small sample from my vast repertoire! Apologies if the recordings sound a little crude; I haven't processed them in a recording studio or on the computer in any way; I wanted to replicate the live feel to the listener to give him/her a better understanding of what can be expected. I also play by memory, so am fortunate not to have to carry lots of music books around with me. If you have any specific song requests, please let me know and I'll do my best perform it on the day.

Other Services

As well as background piano music (Which this site was built to promote) I also have my full keyboard/vocal/ukulele act. Ideal for guests that want to get up for a dance. I am also experienced in playing for sequence/ ballroom strict tempo dancing if required.

After working with various musicians over the years, I can also supply a saxophonist which I accompany, ideal for a smooth jazz sound.

Classical Music

Elegance - Classical Piano and Violin Duo based in Torbay, Devon.

If you prefer a classical pianist, then please let me know, (Solo or with violin) If requested this service could also be provided, utilising experienced classical musicians including classical concert pianist, with a vast musical repertoire, or as violin/piano duo Elegance.

Charity Work

After performing and assisting alongside musical therapists, I have often seen first-hand the beneficial therapeutic effects that music can create.

If you are a local charity or simply raising money for a worthwhile cause, please feel free to contact me. I am always willing to offer my services free of charge for such events.

Piano Tuition

If you require any help regarding learning the piano or a keyboard instrument, please get in touch. I can help recommend a teacher, or if you have a music related question, contact me via email and I'll do my best to answer it for you.


Please contact me now for a no-obligation quote.

Before I could quote you a price I would need to know the location of your venue, how long you would require me to play for, and whether or not I would need to supply a digital piano. I would also offer a discount on block-bookings for restaurants etc.

Please bear in mind that I am currently quite busy so I'd recommend you to get in touch ASAP.

Contact Me

Telephone: 07970 106032
Email: leeshetliffe@yahoo.co.uk


For professional advice on pianos and a whole range of keyboard instruments I would recommend checking the following link:


This is an Exeter UK based company who would be more than happy to assist you in the purchase of a piano or keyboard.

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